Questions to Ask When Hiring a Foundation Repair Contractor

The foundations of our homes protect them from damage and erosion. If the foundation gets cracked or water logged, it should encourage the homeowner to seek professional help. A foundation repair contractor is a good resource if your home’s foundation is damaged. However, before hiring a professional, it can help you save money if the working style of the potential contractor is understood well.

What is their method of repair?
Foundation repair contractors have different levels of quality. Tulsa Foundation Repair uses steel piers to reinforce a damaged foundation. A competitive free inspection may not be offered by every vendor. Try to figure out what method the contractor uses to make your foundation as good as new. Not all professionals are equal.

How much experience do they have?
If they have only been in business a couple of years, that is a sign they may not know as much as they should. Tulsa Foundation Repair has been in business for 39 years. This is an example of a company that probably has seen most types of problems that can occur with foundations.

Not all foundation repair professionals are equal. Looking at the method and experience level of a company is essential in deciding who to hire for the job. Tulsa Foundation Repair tries to chat with all of our clients. The free inspection is something that we can do for you. Call us soon at 918-835-1125.

Tips to Prevent Retaining Wall Failure

A retaining wall that is professionally installed can look great. When there is damage to the wall, this could be a major safety issue. Foundation failure can be destructive on a retaining wall if you don’t take the necessary steps to stop it. Here are some helpful tips to prevent retaining wall failure.

Plan Ahead
Often times a retaining wall is a sign of major structural problems and poor planning. Sometimes, a homeowner tries to cut corners by using the wrong construction company and the wrong materials. The result of this is bad footing and too much weight on top of the wall. Planning the wall from the start with a reliable Tulsa foundation repair company like Perma Built can make a big difference.

Change The Wall’s Structure
In cases with an unstable ground, it might be wise to alter everything about the retaining wall. For example, if a wall is too heavy and tall for the ground, then shortening it could be one option. Owners could also try to reinforce the walls with beams or tie backs. You could also expand the footing to get more support.

Prevent Water Damage
Retaining wall failure can sometimes be the result of excessive water damage. There are also cases where surface water runoff causes the failure. In these scenarios, changing the plumbing or the pipes could be a solution.

Do you need Tulsa foundation repair? Contact Perma Built at (918) 835-1125 to get a free consultation.

Cracked Paint In Your Home?

  Don’t Call a Painter…It May Be Foundation Damage

Most people know to contact a Tulsa foundation repair service if they notice cracks in the exterior. But what about cracks in the interior paint? Here are a few ways to tell whether the cracks in your paint are signs that something is wrong.

Horizontal v. Vertical Cracks

If you have a few vertical cracks, there may be nothing to worry about. Because vertical cracks run parallel to drywall, they can occur without major foundational damage.

Horizontal cracks, on the other hand, are often more serious. These types of cracks may be a result of water damage or other foundation problems. If you notice horizontal cracks, you may need Tulsa foundation repair services.

Angled Cracks

Cracks that occur at a 45-degree angle are another warning sign. These cracks may mean that shifting foundation is causing the sheetrock to split. If you’re home’s foundation is shifting enough to create angled cracks in the wall, it’s likely severe.

Stair-Step Cracks

Have you noticed cracks in a stair-step formation? This may require Tulsa foundation repair services. That’s because this type of crack is sometimes caused by soil settling where it shouldn’t be. You’ll often find this pattern of cracks on concrete basement walls.

Trees Can Affect Homes’ Foundation

Trees provide us with shade, supply us with oxygen, and are a beautiful part of our lawns. They can also cause foundational damage. Here’s a few ways your trees may be affecting your home’s foundation.

The Roots

If you go outside and inspect one of the trees in your front yard, you’ll probably spot a few roots where the tree joins the ground. Beneath this, however, is a large and unwieldy system of roots that’s much larger than the aboveground portion of the tree. While roots aren’t actually the main way that trees affect foundation, small roots can chip away at the concrete walls of a home’s foundation. If you think this is happening to your home, you may need the help of a Tulsa foundation repair service.

Shifting Soil

When roots expand, the soil around them shifts. This can lead to changes in the speed at which water is absorbed by the soil. If soil moisture fluctuates quickly, the foundation of your home could sustain damage. It could even crack. A common side effect of this type of damage is jammed doors and windows. If you suspect foundation damage and have noticed that your doors and windows are frequently stuck, your favorite tree might be the culprit. If so, contact a Tulsa foundation repair service to learn more.

Should I Buy A House With Foundation Problems?

A family that was leasing a home and thinking about buying it recently discovered that the foundation did not match the building code guidelines proposed by the building inspector. They decided to talk to a vendor like Tulsa Foundation Repair. The vendor ended up saying that whereas it didn’t match code, it was possible to fix it for less than the family would receive in a purchasing price discount that they negotiated simultaneously.

Foundation problems solved

Ultimately, the foundation was repaired and the family purchased the home at a discount. Going into it, they thought they knew how to discern whether or not the house would meet county standards. In the end , having a vendor like Tulsa Foundation repair helped because they were able to learn specifics about their home that they were not aware of.

Why do foundations go bad?

Of course most people do not spend a lot of time worrying about their foundation. In places like Tulsa, water leaks and shifting ground make up most of the foundation problems.

Still, if you plan to purchase a home, or if you notice problems with your current foundation, calling a company like Tulsa Foundation Repair can bring you peace of mind. As one of the most experienced firms in the region, they are uniquely equipped to provide you with the best service at the most reasonable price.