Foundation Tips For Homeowners

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What Type of Foundation Cracks Are Most Serious?

What Type of Foundation Cracks Are Most Serious? Discovering cracks in the foundation of a home you might purchase is something most would consider a deal breaker. Finding cracks in the foundation of a home you already own is even more unsettling. While...

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How to prevent water from damaging your foundation

How to prevent foundation water damage Any house is only as safe as its foundation. It must be solid, safe and strong to withstand the weight of the entire structure. However, HOUSE FOUNDATIONS can be threatened by water damage. Things that you should not...

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Hiring a Foundation Repair Contractor

The foundations of our homes protect them from damage and erosion. If the foundation gets cracked or water logged, it should encourage the homeowner to seek professional help. A foundation repair contractor is a good resource if your home's...

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Tips to Prevent Retaining Wall Failure

A retaining wall that is professionally installed can look great. When there is damage to the wall, this could be a major safety issue. Foundation failure can be destructive on a retaining wall if you don't take the necessary steps to stop it....

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Cracked Paint In Your Home? Foundation Issue

Don’t Call a Painter…It May Be Foundation Damage Most people know to contact a Tulsa foundation repair service if they notice cracks in the exterior. But what about cracks in the interior paint? Here are a few ways to tell whether the cracks in your paint...

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Trees Can Affect Home Foundations

While they provide us with shade, supply us with oxygen, and are a beautiful part of our lawns, trees can also be troublesome. Trees can affect home foundation in a very bad way. Here's a few ways your trees may be affecting your home's foundation. The...

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