You’ve decided to start a lil’ home remodel project. That’s great. So what is the first thing you should think about before you start? A good idea before starting any project is to give your foundation an inspection to find any problems that may be presenting them self. If you know what to look for, then go ahead and get down there first. But, if you’re not sure then you’ll want to call a professional to inspect it for you. Perma Built Inc. would be happy to give it a look for you and inform you if you need any foundation repair.

Why inspect the foundation first

There are many reasons why this should be done before you start any home remodel. The number one reason is it can save you money and time. Your foundation might have started to sink on one side and you haven’t noticed because it is just a slight decrease. Then sometime after the remodel is finished, it continues to drop. Then you start seeing cracks forming above the brand new doors you just put in. Or maybe the windows you installed start sticking or maybe even stop opening all together. Now not only are you going to have to repair all of those new problems, you’ll need to get any foundation repair now needed which will be more serious then you would have originally.Who should inspect your foundation?

You should always call a professional when it has to do with your foundation repair. Perma Built offers free inspection and comprehensive evaluation of your interior, exterior, soil and slab. And always offers the best solution at a competitive price. Contact us today to schedule your free evaluation today.
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