Common Foundation Repair Methods

Anyone who has experienced foundation problems has several options available for repair. What works the best depends on the problem and the geographic location. First, when searching for solutions, take your local topography into consideration. Then select the best options for foundation repair. The best solution Tulsa foundation repair situation depends on where you live.
Your Options
Some of the most popular options for foundation repair include:
  • Steel piers
  • Helical piers are great for areas with light loads
  • Concrete pier repairs
  • High-density polyurethane foam is an affordable alternative
  • Segmented piers are another low-price method
  • Spot piers are ideal for areas such as porches.

Piering or Slabjacking?

Another method called slab jacking pumps grout beneath a sagging foundation to stabilize it. Alternatively, when selecting piering, posts are generally driven into unstable soils. Hydraulic lifts raise and stabilize affected concrete slabs. Slab jacking is usually performed on smaller areas such as patios. Interior piering is a popular choice for repairing home foundations.

What is Perma Built’s Method?

Perma Built Inc. uses the exclusive Perma Lift System®. This will lift the affected area and drive steel piers into bedrock. It will also drive piers into load-bearing structure to stabilize its foundation. If there are interior foundation problems, the company uses the patented Perma-Drill system. It places the pier on bedrock or equal load bearing strata, regardless of depth. This technique is exclusive and only available through Perma Built. There is minimal stress involved in getting the pier to the bedrock or to equal load bearing strata.
For more information on Perma Built’s foundation solutions, contact us at 918-835-1125. We offer a no-obligation inspection and consultation.
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