Our modern homes are the most expensive, most prized possessions we have. More than that, home is where we raise our families, make memories with friends and neighbors and live the majority of our non-work lives. Certainly, we want to keep the homes we love in the best condition possible. For this reason, noticing the signs of foundation damage can be alarming. Fortunately, the best Tulsa foundation repair companies have the ability to restore your home’s foundation before things get any worse.

Sometimes foundation damage is sudden and catastrophic. But, in the majority of cases, damage becomes worse over time. Initially, there are warning signs. And so, if we learn to recognize these warning signs of foundation failure, we can avoid disaster. Detecting foundation damage early gives us the opportunity to make repairs before larger more expensive problems develop.

Signs of Foundation Damage

For the concerned homeowner, there are typically early warning signs of foundation failure. To begin with, you may notice cracks in the foundation itself. In addition, there may be cracks in walls. Also, if you have windows and doors that are sticking, this is a common sign of a foundation problem. On the other extreme, gaps around doors and windows indicate foundation damage. Finally, surfaces that are no longer level and even bowed or bulging walls are signs that your home has a failing foundation.

It is important to note, doors and windows stick for other reasons too. For example, humidity can cause wood to swell resulting in tight or stuck doors and windows.  And to be sure, not every crack means a foundation issue, but if you suspect you may have a foundation problem, it is always a good idea to call a professional to evaluate the situation.

If you need a structural evaluation or foundation repair, contact Perma Built today. Tulsa’s top foundation restoration company is ready to serve you.

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