Don’t Call a Painter…It May Be Foundation Damage

Most people know to contact a Tulsa foundation repair service if they notice cracks in the exterior. But what about cracks in the interior paint? Here are a few ways to tell whether the cracks in your paint are signs that something is wrong.

Horizontal v. Vertical Cracks

If you have a few vertical cracks, there may be nothing to worry about. Because vertical cracks run parallel to drywall, they can occur without major foundational damage.

Horizontal cracks, on the other hand, are often more serious. These types of cracks may be a result of water damage or other foundation problems. If you notice horizontal cracks, you may need Tulsa foundation repair services.

Angled Cracks

Cracks that occur at a 45-degree angle are another warning sign. These cracks may mean that shifting foundation is causing the sheetrock to split. If you’re home’s foundation is shifting enough to create angled cracks in the wall, it’s likely severe.

Stair-Step Cracks

Have you noticed cracks in a stair-step formation? This may require Tulsa foundation repair services. That’s because this type of crack is sometimes caused by soil settling where it shouldn’t be. You’ll often find this pattern of cracks on concrete basement walls.

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