4 Question to Ask About Slab Foundation Damage

You’re right to worry about cracks in your home’s slab foundation. It supports the structural load of one of your biggest investments. You need a foundation repair contractor who offers piering solutions. These four questions can help you make the right decision.

1. Why do I have slab foundation problems?

Expansive soil causes most cracked slab problems. It expands and contracts depending on moisture content. Wet and dry weather cycles result in soil changes that cause foundation cracking.

2. Are there interior signs of foundation damage?

Yes. Your home’s interior often gives you clues about the foundation’s condition. Look for these trouble signs.
• Uneven or sagging floors • Doors that are hard to open and close • Gaps around door and window frames

3. What are my foundation repair options?

Have your cracked slab inspected by a foundation repair professional. The contractor will recommend one of these piering options to stabilize the slab foundation.
• Concrete piers • Drilled piers • Steel piers

4. How do I find the best contractor?

You already have. Perma Built Foundation Repair is the best in Oklahoma. Our years of experience in foundation repair remain unmatched by anyone in the industry. Contact us today for a quote. Don’t let a cracked slab keep you down any longer.
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