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Perma Built Inc., Tulsa, OK

When it has been determined that a structure is experiencing foundation failure, the smart choice by any homeowner is the Perma Lift System® by Perma Built. When a foundation fails, Perma Built has the permanent solution with the hydraulically driven steel pier. By using the weight of the structure, Perma Built drives steel piers to bedrock or a load bearing structure, then safely lifts the structure to it’s original position. Here’s how we do it.

A small hole (approx. 3′ X 3′) is dug next to the stemwall as deep as the bottom of the footing. The footing is cleaned and shaped and our 90 degree weldment bracket (3/8″ steel tested to 120,000 LB. load) is attached. On the back of the bracket is 12″ long 3-1/2″ O.D. pipe, in which the starter pipe is placed. After connecting our hydraulic drivers, steel columns (2.875″OD X .216WT Grade B pipe) in 3′ sections are driven one at a time while being connected with the sleeves at 3000 PSI pump pressure. The first column is provided with a frictionless end to allow maximum penetration.

After multiplying the hydraulic factor through the drivers, this gives us in excess of 24,000 PSI end-bearing pressure for each pier. Once a strata is reached that will withstand this pressure, the piers are hydraulically tested to ensure it will support the load imposed on the pier.


Once the piers have all been tested, then the lifting mechanism is connected in hydraulic series, and a lift of the footing is made using 10,000 PSI pump pressure. Once the footing is back in place, the steel column is tapped in two places where it meets with the bracket, and two 90,000 LB. sheer bolts are driven through the bracket and column to secure the pier. All holes are refilled and the cracks in the brick in the piered area are tuckpointed and the windows and doors in the piered area, are recaulked, and the crew performs a thorough clean up.

With our unique direct-drive hydraulics, we can complete the job in a fraction of the time of conventional methods.

The older methods require large equipment and massive excavations. The portable quality of our hydraulic equipment means a minimum disruption to your property, as all equipment used is hand carried to the house.

The savings we accrue in time and labor means reduced cost to you.

With over 30+ years experience and thousands of piers installed nationwide – our levels of expertise is unmatched in the industry!

And most important to you our system is guaranteed against failure.

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