Why Interior Foundation Piers get Installed Beneath Concrete Slab Foundations

Tulsa foundation repair expertise is in high demand. Knowledge of past practices and the results of those practices play a role in repair. Along with an education on the properties of the soils under foundation. These play a major part in extensive or minor Tulsa foundation repair.
The Tulsa area has an incredible mix of soils. The mix of soils plays havoc with foundations. Until now, the best method to take care of the soil mix issue was to dig a hole and pour a solid cement slab. The idea was to bridge any movement or cavities. Complete support provided by a foundation that covered the whole area of the house. Soils would stay in place due to shared pressure points across the length of the structure. The soils would dry up and stay dry due to the covering the slab foundations provided. Due to man’s ingenuity, interior foundation piers were no longer needed.

The Solution to Solid Slabs

It is ill-advised to use a solid concrete slab to support a structure. Soil movement rob the slabs of under-support. The mix of clays and alluvial led to cavities forming under the concrete. The soils of Tulsa heaved against foundations when wet. These soil phenomena in the Tulsa area led to crumbling and broken slabs.
The answer to this issue is a soil analysis that reveals weak soil spots. Pushing interior foundation piers in at these points provide extra support. In older homes with slab foundations, the problem is more extensive. Raise the house to install the necessary piers. The concrete slab to remove failing material and replace it with a pier. Adding the interior foundation piers provides the under-support some soils will never provide.
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