Why Your Slab Foundation May Need Foundation Repairs

Foundation repairs may be necessary if damage occurs to interior walls. “Foundation failure” is the sinking of a buildings foundation. This occurs when the foundation of a building begins to collapse. Portions of the structure drag with it and damage the floors. Crooked and uneven doors are a sign of foundation failure. Similarly, warped and cracked walls are also an sign of damage. Overgrown tree roots, improper laying of concrete, and water damage cause unevenness. Installing piers will fix this and prevent further damage.
What are foundation piers and how do they work? 
Foundation piers are steel pipe pilings with epoxy-coated or galvanized fittings. In the process known as piling, piers get embedded in a sinking home’s foundation. Additionally, hydraulic rams bring the building back to a safe, even level.
The amount of damage caused by the failing foundation can determine how piers get placed. Piers may get placed indoors beneath the floor or outdoors around the structure. Each option utilizes similar methods but the outdoor installation is less invasive. For indoor placement, furniture and belongings will get removed from the area treated. Usually the concrete slab under the home must get split to ease installation.
How do I have my foundation repaired?

Contact a Tulsa repair specialist to determine the treatment needed for your home. An expert repair specialist will test each pier. Load bearing piers will restore your home to beautiful perfection.

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