Foundation Tips For Homeowners

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How Summer Heat Causes Weather Damaged Foundations

How Hot Weather Can Damage Foundations Homeowners often mistakenly believe that only extreme winter weather can damage foundations. Although it is true that cold weather, snow and more play a part, the heat of summer also plays a big role in weather...

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Tulsa Winter Foundation Repair

Winter Foundation Problems and Repair in Tulsa In the Tulsa area, winters are harsh with temperatures commonly dipping into the 20 to 30-degree range and sometimes lower. Homeowners need to be aggressive with winter foundation repair. Freezing water that...

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Inspections Save Money on Foundation Repairs

The Added Cost of Ignoring Pier and Beam Foundation Issues Tulsa foundation repair expenditures vary considerably based on the type of foundation repaired, the type of repair needed to equalize the home, and the extent of the damage involved. Every home in...

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Why You Should Avoid Renovations Before Foundation Repair

WHY AVOID HOME REMODEL PRIOR TO FOUNDATION REPAIR? You've decided to start a lil' home remodel project. That's great. So what is the first thing you should think about before you start? A good idea before starting any project is to give your foundation an...

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Common Foundation Repair Methods

Common Foundation Repair Methods   Anyone who has experienced foundation problems has several options available for repair. What works the best depends on the problem and the geographic location. First, when searching for solutions, take your local...

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What Causes Floor Cracks?

What Causes Floor Cracks? Most homes will have floor cracks at some point. A variety of situations can cause cracks to appear, yet not all call for foundation repair. Some are minor and pose no cause for concern. Others need immediate attention to prevent...

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