Foundation Tips For Homeowners

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Information and knowledge are tools for making the best possible decisions when making repairs to your home. Permabuilt Inc, is dedicated to providing the best possible source of information for your next foundation repair.

Common Foundation Repair Methods

Common Foundation Repair Methods   Anyone who has experienced foundation problems has several options available for repair. What works the best depends on the problem and the geographic location. First, when searching for solutions, take your local...

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What Causes Floor Cracks? Most homes will have floor cracks at some point. A variety of situations can cause cracks to appear, yet not all call for foundation repair. Some are minor and pose no cause for concern. Others need immediate attention to prevent...

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Why Your Slab May Need Foundation Repairs

Why Your Slab Foundation May Need Foundation Repairs Foundation repairs may be necessary if damage occurs to interior walls. "Foundation failure" is the sinking of a buildings foundation. This occurs when the foundation of a building begins to collapse....

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Installing Foundation Piers Beneath The Slab

Why Interior Foundation Piers get Installed Beneath Concrete Slab Foundations   Tulsa foundation repair expertise is in high demand. Knowledge of past practices and the results of those practices play a role in repair. Along with an education on the properties of the...

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Why Foundations Sink and What to Look out For

Sinking Foundation? What to Look For. Whether your home's foundation is composed of clay soil, traditional soil, or gravel, there are several circumstances that can lead to sinking in the structural footing. When house foundations begin to sink, it...

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Do you ever wonder what the reason is that your door started sticking? It's so annoying opening and shutting doors that stick. The horrible sounds it can produce, the damage that can be done and lets face it, the extra energy it takes to force, push, or...

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