Foundation Tips For Homeowners

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Information and knowledge are tools for making the best possible decisions when making repairs to your home. Permabuilt Inc, is dedicated to providing the best possible source of information for your next foundation repair.

Concrete Slab Foundation Vs. Crawl Space

Crawl Space Foundation Versus Concrete Slab Foundation If you have ordered a new home, you want to get the best results possible. Consider if you should build a crawl space foundation or concrete slab foundation. Each path has pros and cons, and you must...

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Grading Issues and Home Settlement

Grading Issues and Home Settlement If you want to protect your home from foundation damage and stay out of harm's way, make sure you avoid foundation settlement. You can face foundation damage if you don't do something to avoid a negative grade, but most...

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Why Are My Floors Uneven?

Why Are My Floors Uneven? If you have noticed that the floors in your home have become uneven, you are probably wondering what caused the problem. You might also want to know how you can fix the problem and protect yourself from additional issues. In most...

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Summer Heat Causes Damaged Foundations

How Hot Weather Can Damage Foundations Homeowners often mistakenly believe that only extreme winter weather can damage foundations. Although it is true that cold weather, snow and more play a part, the heat of summer also plays a big role in weather...

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Tulsa Winter Foundation Repair

Winter Foundation Problems and Repair in Tulsa In the Tulsa area, winters are harsh with temperatures commonly dipping into the 20 to 30-degree range and sometimes lower. Homeowners need to be aggressive with winter foundation repair. Freezing water that...

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Inspections Save on Repairs

The Added Cost of Ignoring Pier and Beam Foundation Issues Tulsa foundation repair expenditures vary considerably based on the type of foundation repaired, the type of repair needed to equalize the home, and the extent of the damage involved. Every home in...

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