Foundation Tips For Homeowners

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Information and knowledge are tools for making the best possible decisions when making repairs to your home. Permabuilt Inc, is dedicated to providing the best possible source of information for your next foundation repair.

Fix Your Foundation Sooner

Why You Should Fix Your Foundation Sooner Rather Than Later Putting things off makes easy things hard, and hard things harder.  Fix Your Foundation Immediately  Repairing your structure’s foundation certainly requires a healthy outlay of money. However, do...

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Oklahoma Foundation Problems

Common Foundation Problems In Oklahoma If you've noticed cracks in basement walls or worried about uneven floors, you're not alone. Foundation problems in Oklahoma homes aren't unusual. Let's take a look at common causes and effects.  Our Oklahoma Soil...

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Top Homeowner Foundation Mistakes

Top Homeowner Foundation Mistakes Without a solid foundation, your home is liable to settle unevenly. A foundation settling prematurely can cause a home to topple to the ground in extreme cases. No good can come of ignoring foundation issues. Address...

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Cracked Slab Questions And Answers

4 Question to Ask About Slab Foundation Damage You're right to worry about cracks in your home's slab foundation. It supports the structural load of one of your biggest investments. You need a foundation repair contractor who offers piering solutions....

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Concrete Slab Foundation Vs. Crawl Space

Crawl Space Foundation Versus Concrete Slab Foundation If you have ordered a new home, you want to get the best results possible. Consider if you should build a crawl space foundation or concrete slab foundation. Each path has pros and cons, and you must...

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Grading Issues and Home Settlement

Grading Issues and Home Settlement If you want to protect your home from foundation damage and stay out of harm's way, make sure you avoid foundation settlement. You can face foundation damage if you don't do something to avoid a negative grade, but most...

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