Sinking Foundation? What to Look For.

Whether your home’s foundation is composed of clay soil, traditional soil, or gravel, there are several circumstances that can lead to sinking in the structural footing. When house foundations begin to sink, it endangers the occupants by surrounding them with a structure that could potentially collapse. Many homeowners initially learn about foundation sinking by noticing cracks along their home’s structure. This discovery should lead to an urgent consultation with a Tulsa foundation repair specialist. Understanding the main contributors and symptoms of foundation sinking can help prepare you by knowing what risk factors to look out for.

Construction Efforts Leading to Ground Changes

If there has been construction work done around your home, this can lead to changes in the ground surrounding your home’s footing. Excavation in particular can lead to shifts in the soil which cause the house to become unbalanced. Active movement of machinery and vehicles also has the potential to change the soil and lead to structures sinking as a result.

Water-Induced Foundation Shifting

It isn’t uncommon for house foundations to become impacted by water damage surrounding their footing structures. This can be due to leaking pipes, or just large accumulations of water from melted snow or rainstorms. Clay soil especially tends to be absorbent of large amounts of water which directly leads to a depression in the foundation.

Droughts Resulting in Sinking and Leveling Issues

Drying out of clay soil tends to lead to the soil itself compacting into a smaller density. Once this happens, it ends up changing the footing levels that the clay surrounds. Droughts can also lead to foundation sinking due to tree roots requiring more moisture and absorbing any water that is left over in the area.

Noticing that your home is experiencing any level of sinking should be followed by immediately contacting structural engineers or foundation repair specialists. At Perma Built, Inc. we have been providing reputable Tulsa foundation repair since 1978. Call us today at (918)-835-1125 for a consultation or quote.

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