Grading Issues and Home Settlement

If you want to protect your home from foundation damage and stay out of harm’s way, make sure you avoid foundation settlement. You can face foundation damage if you don’t do something to avoid a negative grade, but most people don’t even know where to begin.

Protecting Yourself

To prevent settlement and keep your home in top shape, keep your gutters in excellent condition so that they will direct water away from your home. Negative grading issues cause water to run towards your homes foundation with no direction for run off. Not only must you keep an eye on your gutters, but you must also plant trees and shrubs away from your home. Tree and plant roots can disrupt the soil around your home and lead to foundation problems.

Spotting the Red Flags

Spotting the red flags of a negative grade in the early stages is critical to the condition of your home. Since water always runs downhill, look for pools of rainwater collecting near your home’s foundation. Water puddles near your home are a warning sign you must not ignore if you care about your property.
In addition to pools of water, you can also look for cracked or sagging floorboards. The cracks and other damage are small at first but get progressively worse as time passes. The problem becomes much harder to solve if you let too much time slip away from you. Set up your home inspection to get peace of mind. Perma Built can take a look at the way water may run toward your house and cause uneven settling. Additional drainage may be necessary, however our piering system can correct this issue. Contact us today for an estimate. 
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