Top Homeowner Foundation Mistakes

Without a solid foundation, your home is liable to settle unevenly. A foundation settling prematurely can cause a home to topple to the ground in extreme cases. No good can come of ignoring foundation issues. Address cracks and settling as soon as you notice them. Don;t fall into the myth that “it will be okay”. Here are a couple of the top homeowner foundation mistakes. 

Landscaping Too Close To Home

The No. 1 mistake homeowners make when it comes to undermining their homes’ foundations is planting trees too close to the house. Not only will this wreak havoc with your pipes, but it could also buckle and crack even the sturdiest of foundations. A good rule of thumb is to plant trees at least 20 feet from the home. With huge trees, make that 30 feet. Don’t get caught planting trees too close to the house!

Foundation First, Remodel Second.

If you want to remodel, be sure to check the foundation thoroughly first. You don’t want to wind up having spent tens of thousands of dollars on remodeling before fixing the foundation. Home additions can put added stress on your foundation. This can cause you to shell out tens, or even hundreds, of thousands of dollars more to fix unintentional problems. As you can see, ignoring foundation issues like that could be catastrophically expensive. Remodeling before fixing the foundation just isn’t smart.
So, before you put on your renovation cap, put on your home inspector’s helmet. It just makes good sense to protect yourself from disaster. Contact PermaBuilt Foundation Repair today to have your foundation inspected.
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