For over forty years, Perma Built has been one of the most trusted and respected Tulsa foundation repair companies in northeastern Oklahoma. Through those years, a lot has changed in foundation repair. To be sure, we still do many of the things we’ve always done. But with time, positive developments are made. In fact, foundation stabilization has improved significantly in recent years. As a result, we are better than ever at stabilizing foundations. Currently, hydraulic pier foundation restoration is the state of the art in foundation repair.

Eventually, foundations settle. As a result, cracks may appear in the concrete slab. Also, cracks may form on exterior walls or near door frames. Recently, hydraulic pier repair has become the go to solution for these problems. In brief, hydraulic piers level and stabilize the foundations of homes.

How Does Hydraulic Pier Foundation Restoration Work?

To begin with, hydraulic piers are used to lift and steady settling foundations. First, piers are installed to support the slab. The entire slab becomes a reactionary force against the piers. Then, each pier receives a prescribed hydraulic force. That force raises and levels the slab, in turn, stabilizing the structure.

Benefits of Using the Hydraulic Pier System

  • Reliable
  • Affordable
  • Quick Installation
  • Evenly Distributes Weight
  • Long Lasting Results

What We Do Best

At Perma Built, what we do best is provide our clients with stable, long lasting foundations for their homes. In addition, we provide our customers with the best workmanship possible. Similarly, we make every effort to provide the highest level customer service in the business. In short, we do everything we can to provide the finest foundation repair service in Tulsa.

Not all foundation repair companies are the same. At Perma Built we continue to exceed customer expectations. As a result, our Tulsa customers recommend our team to others. If you need a structural evaluation or foundation repair, contact Perma Built today.

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