The Added Cost of Ignoring Pier and Beam Foundation Issues

Tulsa foundation repair expenditures vary considerably based on the type of foundation repaired, the type of repair needed to equalize the home, and the extent of the damage involved. Every home in Tulsa needs a regularly scheduled foundation inspection. Inspections are especially important for pier and beam foundations to keep Tulsa foundation repair outlays down.

Pier and beam foundations consist of three parts. There is a concrete pad, normally at ground level, on which concrete or wood blocks, called piers, sit. The final component is the foundation beam, also consisting of concrete or wood. Wood beams sit atop the foundation beam. These beams travel the full width of the home, supporting floors, walls and, eventually, the roof. The foundation counters the pressure generated by the weight of the home.

If an inspector finds a crack or a rotten wood beam during a yearly check, the cost of repair is small compared to foundation repair issues ignored for years. Ignoring foundation repair issues raises foundation repair costs year-by-year. The rot in wood beams or piers communicates to other wood in the house. Termites or rodent issues also travel.

Since pier and beam foundations provide a crawl space beneath the building, repairing foundation generated issues is less costly than the cost of repairing concrete slab issues. However, the trade-off comes with the amount of moisture trapped in the crawl space which is the main cause of wood rot. Ground movement can cause the cement pads on which all the weight sits to sink, lift, or move side-to-side. These issues can occur at any time and will eventually cause damage in the upper structure.

To keep foundation repair costs low, have your foundation inspected every year no matter the type of foundation. Otherwise, you may be looking at repair costs in the thousands of dollars when you could have solved the issue for hundreds of dollars. With pier and beam foundation issues, time is money. Contact Perma Built Foundation Repair for free estimates.

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