Your Home is only as Solid as the Foundation upon which it is Built
We all want our homes to last forever. Particularly if that house is our “Dream Home”. At Tulsa Foundation Repair we completely understand that. And these are some of the ways we will help insure that your home stands strong for a good, long time.

If your Home is “Cracking Up”, We’ve got the Cure for it!

*Brick and Block cracks are no match for our patented “Perma Lift System”
*We provide expert repair of cracks within your concrete slabs

*Basement wall cracks got you concerned? Relax. We will eliminate the cracks and save your home

We don’t just help with your Foundation Issues, either

*We take care of those bothersome cracks above your interior doors and windows causing them to stick
*We will straighten out and stabilize that leaning chimney that has you worried
*Problems with the poor soil that typically comes with new construction. We’ve got you covered here, too!

At Tulsa Foundation Repair we pride ourselves in addressing everything from water-related problems to dry heat to large trees in a comprehensive effort to stop what may seem to be minor issues from becoming major headaches down the line. Our expert craftsmanship is 100{ea6cc14cbba8aee5f6a362b1d06c870873647eaf3cfeaa66bd29cd044d0d3ec2} guaranteed and is also backed by a full warranty on our work.

So when it is time, or perhaps even past time, to get that work done to make your precious home stronger and more stable, give us a call and we’ll schedule a free inspection to let you know how we will get the job done and done right for you and your family. Our toll free number is (866)287-1347. Or if you live in the Tulsa area you can reach us at (918)835-1125. We look forward to hearing from you!

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