Common Foundation Problems In Oklahoma

If you’ve noticed cracks in basement walls or worried about uneven floors, you’re not alone. Foundation problems in Oklahoma homes aren’t unusual. Let’s take a look at common causes and effects.

Our Oklahoma Soil

The clay in our red soil expands and contracts through wet spells and droughts. It can contribute to a foundation’s premature settling after construction or remodeling. Our soil is also prone to slope erosion during heavy rains. Not only clay, but high quantities of sand stone also cause foundation issues. 

Drainage and Erosion Problems

It’s very common to see slope erosion due to bad drainage around hillside homes. When rainfall isn’t directed away from the house, it accumulates and causes uneven foundation settling. Additionally, Oklahoma has very uneven landscaping. Negative grades and slopes cause rain water to accumulate near the foundation of your home. This causes damage to exterior walls. 

Fluctuating Hydro-static Pressure

As water tables rise and fall, the action puts intense lateral stress on foundations. This hydro-static pressure can cause cracks in slabs and basement walls. Installing piers down to bedrock help to deal with this. 

Foundation Construction Mistakes

Digging, pouring and back-filling a foundation must be done carefully. Substandard techniques or rushed jobs leave a foundation prone to premature settling. Over time, floors can become uneven especially in hillside homes.

Foundation Problems Solved

We know how to identify every type of foundation problem in Oklahoma. We know how to solve them all too. Give us a call today for a complimentary inspection and free quote.
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