Prevent, Detect And Repair Summer Foundation Damage

Even relatively minor damage to the foundation of your home can become a major headache. Over time, small cracks will eventually compromise the structure of a building and damage nearby walls and support posts. That is why all homeowners should keep an eye out for any signs that it might be time to contact a Tulsa foundation repair specialists.

Detecting Foundation Damage

In most cases, foundation damage is caused by fluctuating moisture levels. Heavy rain is a very common culprit, but slab leaks are another serious risk factor. The easiest way to detect if you have a slab leak is to carefully track your water bill to see if there are any abnormalities. You must also thoroughly inspect your home at least a few times a year to look for warning signs like mold, standing water, and cracked concrete.

Preventative Steps

The most effective way to prevent foundation damage is to make sure that there is no standing water near the base of your walls. All of your downspouts should have adequate clearance from your home, and your yards must always slope outwards. Depending on your budget, you can also plant trees and shrubs throughout your property to stabilize the soil and prevent larger puddles of standing water.

When Is It Time to Get Help?

As soon as you notice any visible damage to your home’s foundation or walls, you must immediately contact a Tulsa foundation repair contractor. When this type of damage is caught early, it can often be repaired within just a few hours. Our team can also help you come up with a comprehensive strategy to prevent future damage. That might include the installation of a helical pier underpinning system or stabilizing nearby slopes to prevent landslides.

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