How to Tell if You May Have Damage to Your Foundation

Foundation damage is not something you want to see, whether it is in your existing home or one that you are contemplating buying. If you spot it while looking for a home to purchase, you will obviously have second thoughts about it. If you see signs of damage on your own home, you will want to have the repairs made as soon as possible.

The best way to determine whether or not you have foundation damage is to schedule a professional evaluation. You can go online at and get your free inspection scheduled by a professional at Tulsa Foundation Repair. It will come with an estimate for any necessary repairs as well. There are a number of visible signs that could indicate foundation damage. If you see them, you should schedule the inspection right away in order to determine the extent of the damage and what needs to be done to prevent it from getting worse.

Cracks in Brick

If you notice cracks in your brick, whether it be interior or exterior brick, you should be concerned. It may be that the soil has shifted and caused a foundation problem. Cracks can show up in the following ways:
• They can appear as stair steps in the mortar between bricks
• Cracks can sometimes appear in the bricks themselves

Sloping Floors or Ceilings

Damaged or uneven floors or ceilings can be caused by a change in the foundation. Signs can include:
• Floors that are no longer level
• Floors separating from the wall
• Separation of wall from ceiling

Condition of Door and Window Frames

Foundational shifting can cause doors and windows to not work right. These problems can show up as the following:
• Gaps between the door or window and its frame
• Difficulty in getting the door or window closed
• Gaps in the corners of the frame

These are a few of the more common signs that are easily detected by an untrained eye. They are indicators that you should have a professional inspection done in order to determine the extent of the problem. The experts at Tulsa Foundation Repair are at your service.

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