How Hot Weather Can Damage Foundations

Homeowners often mistakenly believe that only extreme winter weather can damage foundations. Although it is true that cold weather, snow and more play a part, the heat of summer also plays a big role in weather damaged foundations. Hot weather robs the soil around your foundation of moisture. When this occurs for days or weeks at a time, the situation becomes increasingly severe, leading to foundation problems. Here is what often happens.

Soil Begins to Shrink

When daytime highs are in the 90s and above, soil begins to dehydrate, and therefore, starts to shrink. This destabilizes your foundation and can cause it to shift. Extremely dry soil often has visible cracks. The same thing happens to foundations that are exposed to extreme heat.

Homeowners Often Compound the Problem

Many times homeowners add to the problem by not watering grass around their homes during extreme hot spells in an effort to save money. The problem is especially severe when it comes to slab and beam foundations, which need moisture to retain their integrity. Watering landscaping around the foundation for just 15 minutes a day can help circumvent weather damaged foundations that necessitate Tulsa foundation repair.

Sinking Foundations

In addition to foundation cracks, prolonged periods of hot, dry weather can also cause your foundation to drop. When soil contracts due to dryness, it leaves a gap between the bottom of the foundation and the top of the soil. The foundation will drop as far as it needs to in order to come into contact with the soil for support.

Weather is not the only element that can damage foundations. If you suspect your home has foundation problems, contact Perma Built Inc. for superior Tulsa foundation repair services.

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