A retaining wall that is professionally installed can look great. When there is damage to the wall, this could be a major safety issue. Foundation failure can be destructive on a retaining wall if you don’t take the necessary steps to stop it. Here are some helpful tips to prevent retaining wall failure.

Plan Ahead
Often times a retaining wall is a sign of major structural problems and poor planning. Sometimes, a homeowner tries to cut corners by using the wrong construction company and the wrong materials. The result of this is bad footing and too much weight on top of the wall. Planning the wall from the start with a reliable Tulsa foundation repair company like Perma Built can make a big difference.

Change The Wall’s Structure
In cases with an unstable ground, it might be wise to alter everything about the retaining wall. For example, if a wall is too heavy and tall for the ground, then shortening it could be one option. Owners could also try to reinforce the walls with beams or tie backs. You could also expand the footing to get more support.

Prevent Water Damage
Retaining wall failure can sometimes be the result of excessive water damage. There are also cases where surface water runoff causes the failure. In these scenarios, changing the plumbing or the pipes could be a solution.

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