While they provide us with shade, supply us with oxygen, and are a beautiful part of our lawns, trees can also be troublesome. Trees can affect home foundation in a very bad way. Here’s a few ways your trees may be affecting your home’s foundation.

The Roots

If you go outside and inspect one of the trees in your front yard, you’ll probably spot a few roots where the tree joins the ground. Beneath this, however, is a large and unwieldy system of roots that’s much larger than the aboveground portion of the tree. While roots aren’t actually the main way that trees affect foundation, small roots can chip away at the concrete walls of a home’s foundation. If you think this is happening to your home, you may need the help of a Tulsa foundation repair service.

Shifting Soil

When roots expand, the soil around them shifts. This can lead to changes in the speed at which water is absorbed by the soil. If soil moisture fluctuates quickly, the foundation of your home could sustain damage. It could even crack. A common side effect of this type of damage is jammed doors and windows. If you suspect foundation damage and have noticed that your doors and windows are frequently stuck, your favorite tree might be the culprit. If so, contact a Tulsa foundation repair service to learn more.

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