Winter Foundation Problems and Repair in Tulsa

In the Tulsa area, winters are harsh with temperatures commonly dipping into the 20 to 30-degree range and sometimes lower. Homeowners need to be aggressive with winter foundation repair. Freezing water that has seeped into tiny cracks in a foundation expands as it freezes causing tiny cracks to become large cracks that may compromise the integrity of your home.


Winter conditions are dangerous for foundations. Freezing water is not the only issue. The soil absorbs water during wet months and swells. People going about their day-to-day routines do not notice the ground swelling. However, foundations, being static, notice every fluctuation of the ground beneath them and react with movement. Cracks appear in foundations when the soil heaves, requiring foundation repair.


When you discover a widening crack or crumbling in any part of your foundation, contact the best Tulsa Foundation Repair agents at Perma Built. Foundation Repair should never be delayed, no matter the season. If you wait until summer when the soil has retreated, cracks in your foundation may disappear. However, the next winter those cracks will expand once again, becoming larger with each year until extensive damage has transferred from the small cracks in the foundation to the superstructure and even the roof of a home.


Perma Built is your neighbor. The business is made up of employees from the area. They are familiar with the agony of Tulsa weather and have extensive experience with winter foundation repair. The technicians at Perma Built will not just cover up the cracks in your foundation. These technicians know the danger of a coverup job. They make sure of the integrity of your foundation. Never wait until warm weather to repair cracks in your foundation. Contact our experts immediately.

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