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WARRANTY: The areas where “Perma Lift Piers” have been installed, are guaranteed against vertical settlement.This warranty shall be in effect for 20 years. If any vertical settlement occurs within the areas repaired, other than settlement or movement caused by earthquake, severe wind, flood, change in water table, other Acts of God, or any other similar man-made condition such as deterioration of the footing, beam, foundation or broken water and waste lines, then Perma Built, Inc. will, at no cost or expense to you, correct any defect in workmanship or material that may have occurred in order to stabilize such area.

THE FOREGOING IS OUR SOLE WARRANTY, ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WARRANTY OR MERCHANTABILITY AND WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR PURPOSE, ARE EXCLUDED. Your exclusive remedy shall be for correction of any defect in workmanship and materials, as set forth above. In no event shall you be entitled to consequential damages, regardless of whether the claim is based on warranty, contract tort or otherwise. Warranty will be void permanently if payment in full is not received within 120 days from date of installation. CONDITIONS: Although crews using the Perma Lift System are highly trained and enjoy an excellent reputation for quality workmanship, certain field conditions make it impossible to guarantee the following exclusions:

  • That shrubs removed during piering will not die.
  • That cracks and separations will close.That without proper drainage to the property, further movement will not take place due to swelling soil or upheaval.
  • Proper drainage includes, but is not limited to, guttering and downspouts.

This warranty will only cover the areas that were piered. It will not cover any part of the dwelling that we did not pier. Perma Built, Inc. does not warrant or guarantee concrete against cracking, or any related condition when removed and replaced for piering. Perma Built, Inc. cannot be responsible for any damage to interior of ceilings, walls, woodwork, heating and/or air ducts or water and/or sewer pipes caused by lifting the slab and/or footing. All area covered shall be indicated in red on work order, a copy of which you have been provided. If at any time a warranty problem is thought to exist, we request that the Homeowner or a representative of the Homeowner, contact us by phone or memo.

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