How to prevent foundation water damage

Any house is only as safe as its foundation. It must be solid, safe and strong to withstand the weight of the entire structure. However, HOUSE FOUNDATIONS can be threatened by water damage.

Things that you should not ignore regarding foundation water damage are:

• Excessive moisture in your basement or crawlspace

• White or grey ash on walls

• Surface of concrete, brick or stone flakes, peels or pops off

• Mildew or musty odor

• Water on the walls

• Black, yellow, green or brown mold

If foundation moisture damage is ignored, it cannot only cause damage to the structure but can cause a health problem as well. Mold spoors can trigger allergic or asthma attacks and, if ignored, excessive mold can require the expenses of a mold remediation firm to take care of the problem.

There are many reasons for HOUSE FOUNDATION water problems. A few of these are:

• Water in the soil putting pressure on the basement

• Seeping water from heavy rain, run-off or water seepage

• Overflowing gutters

• Pipe condensation

• Broken water pipe in walls

You can help in the prevention of a HOUSE FOUNDATIONS water problems by taking specific steps. These include:

Check your rain gutters at least two or three times a year to clean out debris and make needed repairs. Make sure the down sprout is at least 10 to 10 feet away from the foundation and that it slopes away from the house.

Check around the house for water accumulation and be sure the ground slopes away from the foundation. If you have surface drains or surface trenches make sure they are not filled with leaves or other debris that will cause water back up.

When any of the above problems occur it is important to immediately contact us at Tulsa Foundation Repair. We are a firm that specializes in this type of work and are happy to make a free foundation inspection to find out what is causing your foundation problem. Your soil, water and foundation will be carefully inspected and we will recommend the most economical steps available to make necessary repairs to correct the problem.

If you are having any problem with your building foundation give us a call at 918-835-1125, or visit our Tulsa Foundation Repair Pros web site, for more information regarding our service.

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